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Best Baseball Blogs in 2024

Long ago, I had an exhaustive list of the best baseball blogs and it was fairly popular. It’s been lost to time, of course, as blogs naturally come and go. But, recently I came across an old bookmark or two of best baseball blogs. It turns out, most of them are gone or haven’t been updated for quite some time. Other best baseball blog lists would claim to be updated for 2022 or 2023, but clearly are not. Therefore, I figured, why not create my own new resource for the Best Baseball Blogs in 2024.

At this point, it seems the interest for blog lists has diminished immensely. But, as there’s certainly interest in lists for fantasy baseball blogs, I decided to do so for “real-life” baseball blogs, too. Even as it seems blogs dying in general, with the world turning more to vlogging and video essays, I find that blogging as a form of content consumption is at this fascinating crossroads. 

So, in creating these lists, I’m trying to preserve whatever blogs remain for the sanity of those who just want to read something without having to sit through an entire video laden with sponsors about Hello Fresh, Manscaped, or whatever.

Yes, even I will eventually succumb to video essay creation, but no matter what, unlike anyone else, I will keep this Best Baseball Blogs resource regularly updated! 

I’m also looking to expand into the best fantasy baseball blogs and the best baseball card websites, both of which deserve a separate page entirely.

As of December 2023, here are the top baseball blogs I’ve found which are still active:

Amazin’ Avenue – an SBNation New York Mets blog

Around the Foghorn – a FanSided San Francisco Giants baseball blog

ATL Braves News – Atlanta Braves news aggregator, updated hourly!

Athletics Nation – an SBNation Oakland Athletics (A’s) baseball blog

Away Back Gone – a FanSided Cleveland Guardians blog

AZ Snake Pit – an Arizona Diamondbacks baseball community

Baseball Almanac – the History of Major League Baseball, regularly updated with new research!\

Baseball Musings – a Blog About Major League Baseball, one of my old standbys, and still going!

Baseball Prospectus – “Insightful analysis for the discerning baseball fan”

Battery Power – an SBNation Atlanta Braves fan community, formerly Talking Chop

Baseball’s Best (and Worst) – a free Substack newsletter / blog about the best and worst performances in the sport, both currently and historically.

Birds Watcher – a FanSided Baltimore Orioles blog

Bleed Cubbie Blue – an SBNation Cubs blog

Bless You Boys – an SBNation Detroit Tigers blog

Blog Red Machine – a FanSided Cincinnati Reds blog

Blue Jays Nation – an independent Toronto Blue Jays baseball blog

BoSox Injection – a FanSided Boston Red Sox blog

Brew Call Ball – an SBNation Milwaukee Brewers blog

Bucs Dugout – an SBNation Pittsburgh Pirates blog

Call to the Pen – a Major League Baseball Fan Site

Camden Chat – an SBNation Baltimore Orioles blog

Climbing Tal’s Hill – a FanSided Houston Astros blog

The Crawfish Boxes – an SBNation Houston Astros blog

Cooperstown Cred – analyzing the Hall of Fame chances for star players and profiling those that have made it to Cooperstown.

Covering the Corner – an SBNation Cleveland Guardians blog

The Cub Reporter – Analyzing the Chicago Cubs to death since 2001

Cubbies Crib – a FanSided Chicago Cubs blog

District on Deck – a FanSided Washington Nationals blog

Dodgers Digest – an independent LA Dodgers blog

Dodgers Nation – another independent LA Dodgers blog

Dodgers Way – a FanSided LA Dodgers blog

DRaysBay – an SBNation Tampa Bay Rays baseball blog

The Drummey Angle – Just read the origin story of this blog; it’s awesome, a solo project that now has a five writer staff!

FanGraphs Baseball – Daily baseball statistics analysis and commentary

Federal Baseball – an SBNation Washington Nationals blog 

Fish Stripes – an SBNation Miami Marlins blog

Friars On Base – a FanSided San Diego Padres blog

Gaslamp Ball – an SBNation San Diego Padres blog

Giants365 – San Francisco Giants baseball news aggregator

Halo Hangout – Los Angeles Angels blog stopped posting at the end of August 2022, but have since returned powered by FanSided

The Good Phight – an SBNation Philadelphia Phillies blog

Inside the Bucs Basement – “Fair Pittsburgh Pirates coverage”

Jays Journal – a FanSided Toronto Blue Jays blog

JoeBlogs at Substack (Baseball) – All Things Baseball, some unfortunately requires paid subscription

Kings of Kauffman – a FanSided Kansas City Royals blog

LA Dodger Report– an independent LA Dodgers blog, updated about monthly

Lone Star Ball – an SBNation Texas Rangers baseball blog

Lookout Landing – an SBNation Seattle Mariners blog

Marlin Maniac – a FanSided Miami Marlins blog

McCovey Chronicles– an SBNation San Francisco Giants baseball blog

Metsmerized Online – an independent New York Mets baseball blog

MiLB News – Minor League Baseball news; follow your favorite baseball prospects!

MLB Trade Rumors – the best baseball news site ever

Motor City Bengals – a FanSided Detroit Tigers blog

Nolan Writin’ – a FanSided Texas Rangers baseball blog

Off the Bench Baseball – an aggregate for lots of interesting baseball content

Orioles Hangout – Baltimore Orioles baseball blog

Over the Monster – an SBNation Boston Red Sox blog

Pinstripe Alley – an SBNation New York Yankees blog

The Prospect Times – a Texas Rangers blog focusing on their minor league prospects.

Puckett’s Pond – a FanSided Minnesota Twins baseball blog

Purple Row – an SBNation Colorado Rockies baseball blog

Rays Colored Glasses – this FanSided Tampa Bay Rays blog stopped posting after late August 2022, but they have since returned!

Red Reporter – an SBNation Cincinnati Reds blog

Redbird Rants – a FanSided St. Louis Cardinals blog

Redleg Nation – Where obsessive fans of Cincinnati Reds baseball gather, since 2005

Red Sox Life – Another Red Sox blog, but this one focuses on the franchise’s history.

Reviewing the Brew – a FanSided Milwaukee Brewers blog

Rising Apple – a FanSided New York Mets blog

Ron Kaplan’s Baseball Bookshelf – a great resource for finding good baseball books to read.

Rox Pile – a FanSided Colorado Rockies baseball blog

Royals Review – an SBNation Kansas City Royals blog

Rum Bunter – a FanSided Pittsburgh Pirates blog

Society for American Baseball Research (SABR) – “SABR strives to be the essential community for the world of baseball through our global membership, inclusive events, and all-encompassing research.”

Sodo Mojo – a FanSided Seattle Mariners blog

Southside Showdown – a FanSided Chicago White Sox blog

South Side Sox – an SBNation Chicago White Sox blog

Sox on 35th – an independent Chicago White Sox blog

Sully Baseball – one of the older baseball blogs on the internet, Sully used to have a daily podcast, but for now, he’s just posting regularly in a couple of series “The Summer Score” and “Who Owned Baseball”

Sun Sentinel Miami Marlins News – self-explanatory

Talk Nats – a Washington Nationals baseball blog

That Ball’s Outta Here – a FanSided Philadelphia Phillies blog

Think Blue LA – an independent Los Angeles Dodgers blog

Tomahawk Take – a FanSided network Atlanta Braves News and Fan Community

True Blue LA – an SBNation LA Dodgers community

Twinkie Town – an SBNation Minnesota Twins baseball blog

Twins Daily – an independent Minnesota Twins baseball blog

White Cleat Beat – a FanSided Oakland Athletics (A’s) baseball blog

Venom Strikes – a FanSided network blog for Arizona Diamondbacks baseball

Viva El Birdos – an SBNation St. Louis Cardinals blog

Yanks Go Yard – a FanSided New York Yankees blog

Yardbarker (MLB) – Breaking News, Rumors, and Highlights

Appendix: Baseball Blogs Not Currently Being Updated

Beyond the Box Score – hasn’t enjoyed a new post since March 2022, but there’s such a vast archive of excellent articles still worth a read!

Have any favorite baseball blogs you’d like to add to this list? Found a blog that hasn’t updated in over a year, or one that’s been taken over by sports betting spammers? Let us know in the comments!

Updated 12/26/23

~ Amelia <3


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