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Best Sports Card Websites and Blogs 2024

With major American sports as popular as ever, thanks to the proliferation of sports betting and daily fantasy sports leagues, there’s more of a hunger for sports related content than ever. But, there’s another major related interest, and that’s sports cards! Unfortunately, because of the major trading card boom of the pandemic, many websites came and went. Therefore, many lists of the best sports card websites and blogs quickly became out of date.

Never fear, as we’re on top of the best sports card resources. Here’s our current list of the best sports card websites. These include hobby blogs, historical websites, and sports card collecting resources. Let us know if you’d like to add to this list or have any concerns with inactive or dead links. While we do our best to keep this resource up to date as possible, your support is always appreciated!

BaseballCardPedia – This is the baseball card encyclopedia anyone can edit, still being updated with information about 2023 sports card releases.

Baseball Card Breakdown – Gavin’s baseball card collecting blog is updated about weekly and covers all kinds of baseball cards, new and old.

Baseball Cards From the Benjamin K. Edwards Collection – This Library of Congress collection has digitized images of over 2,100 baseball cards from between 1887 and 1914. While it’s unlikely you’ll run into cards like these often, it’s good to know about them in the rare chance you do!

Beckett Baseball Card News – News about baseball cards from one of the industry leaders.

Caramel Cards – Information about vintage baseball cards included with caramel candies between 1902 and 1915.

Cardboard Connection – Tons of info on new sports card releases and who’s hot currently on eBay. They also cover some non-sport trading card releases.

The Chronicles of Fuji – A Bay Area sports card collection still blogging a few times a month over on Blogger

The Collective Mind – Sports card blog still updates at least once a month. Love the Borg reference: “Continually adding your intellectual and philosophical distinctiveness about sports cards to our own.”

Collectors Weekly – CW’s baseball section provides a section that covers the most watched eBay auctions, as well as the newest, lowest priced, highest price, and those ending soonest in the baseball collectibles category.

Dime Boxes – the low-end baseball card collector’s journey

Japanese Baseball Cards – an English speaker’s guide to baseball cards from Japan

Net54 Baseball – sports card forum site which leans towards vintage cards

Night Owl CardsOne of the first baseball card blogs I ever followed years back, and he’s still extremely active, as he says “up all night talking baseball, cardboard, and collecting”

NJVW – Nick’s sports card collecting journey, covering multiple sports and community trades.

Old Sports CardsThis is still one of the best resources for baseball sports, and sports cards in general. Wish Ross would update his site more, though!

One Million Cubs Project – While Beau doesn’t update his blog anymore, his quest to collect one million Chicago Cubs baseball cards is still very much alive!

Pre-War Cards – Blog and database for pre-1948 sports cards

SABR Baseball Cards Blog – the Baseball Card focused arm of the Society for American Baseball Research (SABR)

Sports Card Blogroll – a great resource on Blogger that follows sports card blogs that are still active right now. It also has a “hall of fame” and retired but still relevant blogs on the sidebar.

Sports Card Collectors – chiefly football card related, with some baseball mixed in

Sports Card Info – Daily sports card blog with Card of the Day features spanning multiple sports

Sports Card Radio – news, rumors, and gossip in the sports card industry

Sports Collectors Daily – Sports card and memorabilia news. Also home to the bargain corner, which has 

Sports Collectors Digest –  Sports card news and dealer directory

Tan Man Baseball Fan – Tanner Jones’ baseball card website, complete with his Confessions of a Baseball Card Addict, Jose Canseco collection, and more.

Trading Card Database – an archive of sports trading cards and all things related to all kinds of trading cards

Waiting ‘Til Next Year – a baseball card blog from Cubs fan P-Town (Peoria, IL) Tom

Wax Pack Hero – While the blog seems no longer updated, the Wax Pack Hero podcast is still live as of January 2023. This website also still has an archive with plenty of useful baseball card info.

Wrigley Wax – A Chicago Cubs baseball card collectors blog

Any other sports card websites or blogs you’d like added here? Let us know in the comments!

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