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Weird Vermont: The Most Eccentric Town and City Names

Welcome to the world of Weird Vermont, where we delve into the most eccentric and odd town and city names of the state. With amusing and bizarre names like Cozy Corner and Mosquitoville, Vermont’s unique and peculiar place names never cease to fascinate us. But what’s the story behind these names? What inspired their creation, and what historical or cultural context do they have?

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Here we will investigate the origins of Vermont’s weirdest place names and uncover the fascinating and often surprising tales behind them. Join us as we embark on a journey through the strange and quirky landscape of Vermont’s towns and cities, where the names themselves are as much a part of the state’s identity as its natural beauty and vibrant culture.

Bread Loaf, Vermont

Bread Loaf is a quaint unincorporated community nestled within the town of Ripton in scenic Addison County, Vermont. The community sits on the picturesque west flank of Bread Loaf Mountain, offering breathtaking views of the surrounding natural beauty. While the community no longer has a post office, its rich history and charming atmosphere continue to draw visitors from far and wide.

Cozy Corner, Vermont & Checkerberry, Vermont

Milton, Vermont is home to several charming communities, including the quaint and picturesque Cozy Corner, the scenic and peaceful West View, and the vibrant and close-knit Checkerberry Village.

Egypt, Vermont

Far from being home to Green Mountain pyramids or pharaohs, Egypt, Vermont, which is on U.S. Route 5 in Caledonia County, does have an interesting history. Originally part of Fairfield, it was renamed to Egypt by locals because of a local farmer’s miracle corn crop during a terrible famine in 1815. hilariously, there actually is the mummy of an Egyptian prince buried in Vermont, but in Middlebury’s West Cemetery!

Lazy Lady Island, Vermont

Lazy Lady Island is a small island located in Franklin County, Vermont. The island is situated in the northernmost part of Lake Champlain, which is a large freshwater lake that extends northward into Canada.

Satan’s Kingdom, Vermont

Satans Kingdom is an unincorporated community located in the town of Leicester, in Addison County, Vermont. It is situated along Vermont Route 53, near the southern shore of Lake Dunmore and just north of Fern Lake. The area was named Satans Kingdom due to its rocky soil, which makes it unsuitable for farming. Despite this, Satans Kingdom is still noteworthy for its unique and unusual place name.

Mosquitoville, Vermont

Mosquitoville is a small community situated within the town of Barnet, in the northeastern part of Vermont. It is positioned to the south of Harvey Lake, a popular destination for fishing, boating, and other recreational activities.

Honorable Mentions

These aren’t actually towns and cities, although they sometimes appear on lists of weird Vermont towns. We included them simply because they were too funny not to, plus we wanted to set the record straight about these places.

Ticklenaked Pond

Okay, this isn’t the name of a town, but we have included this because of its silly name. Ticklenaked Pond is a lake near Ryegate in Caledonia County, Vermont. According to historian John C. Huden, this hilarious name is most likely a corruption of the Delaware Native American tribe’s original name for the body of water, which meant “beaver kittens here.” Perhaps Beaver Kitten Lake would’ve been much funnier.

Skunks Misery

This is a road in Franklin, Vermont, where purportedly even a skunk would find this particular location intolerable. Since 2008, though, it has been home to the Due North Vineyard and Winery, so some good has come from this oddly monikered avenue.

Terrible Mountain

On March 19th, 1968, a tragic incident occurred when a private airplane carrying 7 men crashed into Terrible Mountain. The twin-engine Beechcraft plane was carrying five executives from Springfield’s Jones and Lamson Company, along with two other individuals. The flight was supposed to be a routine trip, but the bad weather conditions impaired the plane’s ability to fly safely.

The plane crashed into the southwestern side of Terrible Mountain with a devastating impact, causing a massive fireball. Unfortunately, all of the individuals on board the plane were killed instantly upon impact. The crash site was located in a remote area, making it difficult for rescue teams to access the scene.

Terrible Mountain didn’t get this name from this historic aircraft tragedy; rather, this is a name that stuck from the days of the original settlers because of its rough terrain. (Thanks to a 2012 Readers Digest book called The Most Scenic Drives in America.)

This article, Weird Vermont: The Most Eccentric Town and City Names, originally appeared on TomSlatin.com, on July 10, 2023.

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